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Bay Windows - a classic feature
Bay windows under the spotlight
Features of bay windows

A timeless classic – the bay window

Bay window: “A window built to project outwards from an outside wall.”

Bay windows are typically associated with the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as the classic 1930s semi detached. This is due to the fact that there was a change in building regulations, which stated that windows no longer had to sit flush against an exterior wall. This paved the way for window manufacturers to get a bit more creative with bays, which project outwards at about 90 degrees.

Today, bay windows give attractive period styling with all the convenience of modern windows – Your Price Window Sales is proud to supply this impressive product.

Bay windows under the spotlight: take advantage of the fact they…

  • Flood the rooms in which they’re installed with extra natural light;
  • Make rooms appear larger than they are;
  • Create a visually pleasing decorative aspect inside and outside the property;
  • Are beneficial for ventilation, with two operating windows encouraging healthy air flow;
  • Offer a number of modern window benefits, including high security standards, increased energy efficiency and a reduction in noise levels;
  • Are versatile, suiting both period and modern properties alike, as well as complementing a number of rooms throughout the home; and
  • Can add value by increasing the amount of interior usable space.

The features of bay windows:

  • Returns on the sides;
  • A rated; and
  • Available in a number of materials, colours and finishes.