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As an Origin Premium Partner, we supply a wide range of fantastic, high performance Origin bifold doors, including the OB-49 and OB-72, to tradespeople anywhere in London, Croydon and Mitcham. We’ve been working with Origin for years, so you can be assured that we’re experts on their product offering. We will provide a top quality product and service when you choose Your Price Windows as your supplier. Request a free quote by using our online quote engine today.


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Origin Bifold Doors for Wide, Open Spaces

Origin’s slim aluminium sightlines provide excellent, unbroken views outside. With the bifold doors open, they’ll create a seamless transition from inside to outside, with complete and continuous views. Low threshold options add to the smooth joining of indoors and outdoor. Low thresholds also improve accessibility for prams, wheelchairs, mobility challenges, and even small outdoor pets. The whole family can benefit from Origin bifold doors, as they gain easier access to the garden and some spectacular views.

Origin’s goal is to transform how families use their homes, and their range of bifold doors certainly achieve just that!

OB-49 or OB-72?

Both the OB-49 and OB-72 bifold doors are made to measure for our London and Croydon trade customers. You can be sure they’ll fit any space!

You’ll be able to choose from a range of styles, and over 150 RAL colours, along with a range of customisable hardware. So no matter what the project, you’ll be able to provide your London & Croydon clients with bespoke Origin bifold doors to suit their specific needs. Origin bifold doors also have the option to be customised further, with Georgian bars, placed either horizontally or vertically (or both) to create a classic, traditional aesthetic that may suit your London and Croydon clients with period properties.

The OB-49 can offer your clients sightlines of just 110 mm, whilst the OB-72 features sightlines of 154mm. Whilst it may have a less slim sightline, this means that the OB-72 does have a glazing bar option. Both of these products can offer U-Values up to 1.1W/m2k and their own unique 8-point locking system.

Energy Efficient Origin Bifold Doors

Environmental impact is a growing concern in the home improvements industry. It’s also something that we here at Your Price Windows are passionate about improving. Origin bifold doors provide a “green” option thanks to both their aluminium frames and the energy efficient double glazing.

Compared with other window and door building materials, aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly options out there. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable – 75% of the aluminium produced over the last 100 years is still being used today! Its durability and flexibility also give it the edge over traditional timber builds. Aluminium has a smaller environmental impact to produce and lasts longer, with lower maintenance.

High quality double glazing also provides superb energy efficiency. When you’re choosing bifold doors with significant quantities of glazing, you want to be assured it’s not going to cost you in the energy department! Origin bifold doors boast outstanding thermal efficiency, keeping the heat inside where it belongs. This means wherever you install Origin bifold doors, your London and Croydon customers will be benefitting from reduced energy consumption, reduced energy bills, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Weatherproof and Durable Bifold Doors

With any building project, you want to be able to assure your London and Croydon customers that they’ll be protected from the elements with their new doors. With Origin bifold doors constructed from premium quality aluminium, you’ll be able to give them total trust. Aluminium is especially durable and resistant to all kinds of weather. No matter what weather London and Croydon have going on, none of it will be getting past these aluminium doors.

Thermally efficient double glazing also protects from the cold, whilst heat movement control technology means that the room won’t heat up horrifically in the height of summer either!

Aluminium provides a strong, sturdy build, comparable to steel. But it’s a lot lighter and more flexible, making it a finer choice for construction material. Because of their strong, expert construction, Origin bifold doors will last for decades, with very low maintenance. They’ll really only need the odd wipe and glass clean needed!

Origin Bifold Door Prices, London, Croydon & Mitcham

When you choose Origin bifold doors, you’re assured a high performance, top quality product. And when you choose Your Price Windows as your supplier, you’re getting decades of expertise and partnership with Origin. There’s no better match! Why not give our friendly, expert team a call today on 0208 640 0380 to discuss your next trade project? Alternatively, get in touch via our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Or maybe you’ve already decided that Origin bifold doors are exactly what you – and your London and Croydon clients – need. If that’s the case, head straight on over to our free online quote generator to get a bespoke estimate for your project in just minutes.

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