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Sash windows under the spotlight
Features of sash windows

Vertical sliding sash windows from Your Price

Vertical sliders: “uPVC sash windows that are slid up and down in order to open them.” A prevalent feature on Victorian properties is the attractive sash window. With its classical appearance and simple styling, sash windows are a popular option for those with period properties. But, the vertical sliders of old, however attractive their appearance, fall short when it comes to performance. They compromise the comfort of the houses on which they feature due to poor energy efficiency, as well as requiring regular maintenance.

Vertical sliders are the modern answer for those who love sash windows’ aesthetics. The sashes go up and down in the conventional manner, yet they offer excellent energy and thermal efficiency and will only call for very minimal maintenance.

Vertical sliders under the spotlight

Offering excellent utility and looks, your new vertical sliders will:

  • Tilt inwards for ease of cleaning;
  • Look authentic in appearance;
  • Add period detailing to Victorian, Edwardian and even modern properties;
  • Offer excellent energy efficiency standards;
  • Effectively ventilate the rooms on which they’re installed;
  • Provide robust security, as one of the strongest sliding windows on the market; and
  • Be thermally efficient.

The features of vertical sliders:

  • Come in a range of attractive colours and finishes that can be mixed and matched, including: mahogany, Irish oak and golden oak);
  • Are wind resistant;
  • Are expertly sealed and water tight; and
  • Come with peace-of-mind giving guarantees: 10 years for the profile, 10 years for sealed units, 5 years for springs and 12 months for hardware.