Origin Bifold Windows

As an Origin Premium Partner, we are delighted to be able to offer Origin’s innovative bifold window system. The bi-folding window gives home improvement a new dimension and eliminates the need to rethink where furniture or appliances should go. These bi-folding windows are proving to be fiercely popular amongst both tradespeople and homeowners alike, which is why so many developers are now integrating them. Due to their narrow sightlines, they have the possibility for large openings while also altering how your client can experience their home. They come in more than 150 colours and a range of configurations and, like all Origin products, they operate incredibly smoothly!

Made for Your Client’s Needs

Like their bifold doors, Origin’s bifold windows offer a completely uninterrupted view once opened. In reality, even when closed, the sightlines are so narrow that you can still enjoy the beauty of the outside world!

Each individual sash is produced entirely to your exact specifications and can be between 400 and 1200 mm broad, opening inward or outward, and folding to the left or right. Depending on your needs and the available space, you can split the design in half or have everything fold in one direction!

These bifold windows’ appearance and performance can be completely bespoke to your needs, ensuring that your customers will love them.

Safe and Easy to Use

The Origin Bifold Window’s smooth and silent movement is made possible by its advanced track and slimline carriage design. Working in tandem, they make up the window’s secret to moving so smoothly. These windows’ easy functionality is just one reason why they are proving to be so popular.

This bifold window system feature gaskets which have been specially designed to be finger-safe, meaning that families with young children need not worry about any potential injuries!

Origin’s bifold windows are perfect for those of your clients who want to add a contemporary edge to their property but with elements of classic design. They really are the best of both worlds; a modern interpretation of a timeless product.

Various Handle Options

The customisation of Origin’s bifold windows goes beyond just colour and functionality. Your clients can also choose from a broad range of handle options. They can handle their new windows the way they want to.

Origin’s handles are split into 3 collections. Their deluxe handle collection offers a more luxurious feel and an elegant aesthetic. The soft-touch lever handles that make up this collection are available in Anthracite, Black and Rose Gold. All are available with a separate escutcheon.

Origin also offers premium stainless steel handles. This range offers a sleek metallic option, but can also be colour coded if wanted. There are 4 different lever handle options with separate escutcheons as well as an option for a long back plate. Origin’s premium stainless-steel handles also feature their Slave and D-handles, which are used across their OB-72 and OB-49 sliding door installations. They also offer white, chrome and black aluminium handles.

Origin Bifold Window Prices

Interested in getting a price for Origin’s bifold windows? Get in touch with us today!

We are a premium Origin partner, and have worked with them closely for many years. Our relationship with them is a massive contributing factor in our ability to supply their products to our customers with unrivalled lead times and at competitive prices.

If you have any questions about these bifold windows or our service in general, please do give us a ring on 0208 640 0380.

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