Glass Options for all

From Leaded Glass to Coluored Panels

Wide Range of Glass Options

We have a wide range of glass options available to suit your property’s needs – whether you’re looking to enhance the security of its windows, boost its energy efficiency, reduce the intrusion of outside noise, improve privacy, or simply achieve a beautiful period look. Our glazing options are manufactured by Christie Glass, and can be upgraded to an A+U value energy rating, which exceeds industry standards, if you want to create an even warmer and more energy-efficient home or commercial space.

Here are Some of the Glass Options Available at Your Price Windows.

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We can create a square lead design on our glass, which is ideal for properties with a Georgian influence. Our high-quality square leading is available with a thickness of 6–15mm, and can be customised with silver or antique finishes

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Opting for diamond leading is an excellent way to add character and intrigue to a property’s windows. It can be added to all window types – from bay and bow to casement and sash. It is available in a thickness of 6–15mm, and can be finished with silver or antique touches.

Internal Georgian bar

Our internal Georgian bar inserts are available in a range of finishes and thicknesses. They are manufactured inside the sealed glazing unit, and are ideal for enhancing the period charm of a property. Available in a range of colours to match window frames.

External Astragal bar

Similar to internal Georgian bars, our external astragal bars suit properties with a touch of period elegance. Astragal bars are applied onto the window glazing (rather than set into it) and are used to divide up a piece of glass to give the impression of multiple panes. Available in a range of colours to match window frames.

Obscure glass

Our obscure glass options are perfect for enhancing privacy while letting in plenty of natural light. We have 18 Pilkington obscure glass textures available, which range from one to five in terms of privacy. We offer classic and contemporary styles – all of which can be toughened or laminated to enhance a property’s security.

Triple glazing

If you are looking to enhance the energy efficiency of a property, we offer triple-glazed windows that can make a home or commercial space warmer, quieter and more secure.

Acoustic glass

For properties where noise pollution is an issue, we provide acoustic glass. It features two or more glass panes with an acoustic interlayer between each, which reduces sound as it passes through the window unit, ideal if you live on a busy street.

Equal Sightlines

We always aim to create equal sightlines with our windows, as this makes the entire design look smart, balanced and in harmony with the rest of the property.

Our guarantee

Here at Your Price Windows, all our windows and doors are made at our South West London factory using high-quality glazing. Our sealed units come with a five-year guarantee when fitted to industry standards. They also contain low-iron glass for the outer pane, an aluminium spacer bar and a soft-coat energy-return inner pane – so, when combined with our frames, they exceed the minimum required C rating. Our insulated glass options also conform to the British/European standard BS EN 1279.
If you would like to find out more about the glass options we have available, contact us at Your Price Windows today.