Secure Windows

Full range of configuration options

For windows that create safe and secure properties

Our standard windows offer industry-leading security measures. However, we can also offer additional security features for added peace of mind.

Whether you’re having new windows installed, or you’re providing them for your own customers, excellent security standards should be of paramount importance.

Our fast supply uPVC window service allows us to get your windows ready in 24 hours – uPVC frames are available in white (inside) & white (outside), Anthracite (inside) & Anthracite (outside) or white (inside) & Anthracite (outside).

Your Price Window Sales prides itself on offering just that. Our full range of windows provides exceptional levels of security – safeguarding your loved ones, your possessions and ensuring you peace of mind.

For the peace of mind that comes with the right security, talk to our team

Call us on 020 8640 0380 and we’ll be happy to run through all the security aspects of your chosen windows. If you’d prefer we call you, just fill in your details on our enquiry form beneath.

The Sac shootbolt system

In order to provide the most robust security standards, you can expect your windows to feature the renowned Sac shootbolt system. Flexible and adaptable – you’ll be promised a long life for your newly installed windows.


Rigorously tested to guarantee maximum performance, our security system features:

  • State-of-the-art design;
  • Steel and composite-plated keeps;
  • A two-point locking system;
  • Lock-out design;
  • More shootbolt contact (up to 400% more than conventional flat shootbolts);
  • Anti-slip shootbolt heads;
  • Lock detail shootbolt heads;
  • A super-glide gearbox;
  • Tight seals;
  • Reduced pressure on window hinges;
  • Dog bolts for additional security; and
  • Progress Plus – an anti-breaking guarantee.