Georgian Bar Windows

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Georgian Bar Windows

Traditional Georgian windows have a beautifully distinctive style. Unique glazing bars give the impression of individual panes of glass, making the entire window look smart, striking and uniform. They allow natural light to flood in and elegantly open up the interior of the property, while creating delightful features when viewed from outside. Sash windows are typical of the Georgian period: as the century progressed, the number of panes decreased, the size of the panes increased, and the glazing bars became finer.

As well as maximising ventilation and light, our folding doors are highly secure and offer incredible protection for the home.

Our windows are available PAS 24 certified, and comply with the requirements of Document Q, providing excellent security against opportunist intruders and break-ins.

Our new Georgian bar system, which has been developed by Kommerling, can be fitted to all types of windows, doors and conservatories to give them an authentic Georgian appearance. It is quick and easy to install, and provides a longer-lasting, more reliable and more cost-effective solution than cheaply-produced ‘stick-on’ alternatives. The Your Price Windows team manufactures the Georgian bar system at our factory in Mitcham, which enables us to customise your order to your exact specification.

What is the difference between Georgian and Astragal bar windows?

Traditional Georgian bars are placed INSIDE the glass panes so you can’t actually feel them. This requires a different manufacturing process and the bars have to be inserted prior to the double-glazing unit being gassed and sealed.  Astragal bars are placed on the OUTSIDE of the window so you will be able to feel them when you run your hand over the glass.  Astragal bars are a low-cost option but not everyone likes the raised effect on the finish.

A stronger and more authentic alternative to ‘stick-on’ astragal bars

Our new Georgian bar system uses edge clips around the window’s sealed glazing units, and adhesive centre clips that secure the system in place. The clips hold the bars firmly in place, and the bars have mitred ends so that they fit comfortably into the joint. The adhesive that we use is specially designed to remain strong in all types of weather, unlike ‘stick-on’ bars that can become weakened and ineffective due to temperature changes or excessive rain. Both of the bars are 25mm wide and 16mm deep, giving the finished windows a truly authentic period appearance.

Quick and easy installation

The simple clip design makes our Georgian bar system a dream to install. It can be ‘toed and heeled’ easily on site, with no possibility of the bars falling out of alignment (as might happen with ‘stick-on’ bars). It works perfectly with our innovative C70 and 070 Gold window profiles, which feature a pioneering five-chambered design to enhance energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for homeowners and installers throughout Surrey, London and Sussex.

Our Georgian bar system can be fully customised

Here at Your Price Windows, we know how important it is to achieve the perfect look for your new windows. That’s why, when you purchase our Georgian bar system, you can choose between a chamfered or featured design, and specify what finish you would like: white ash, golden oak, Irish oak, rosewood, black, grey, cream or chartwell green. If you don’t know what option to go for, our team of experts is happy to help.

To find out more about our Georgian bar system, contact us at Your Price Windows today.