Classic White Frames

Full range of configuration options

Complement or contrast with a beautiful range of colours

The team at Your Price Window Sales knows that it’s important for windows to look great in addition to performing well. That’s why our products come in an impressive range of colours to complement, or stylishly contrast with, their surroundings. When you decide upon a colour, you’ll have the flexibility to mix up the shades, inside and out. With our dual colours, if black suits your exterior, but you’d prefer white indoors, we’ll gladly accommodate.

Talk to us about your preferred window and door colours

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uPVC window colours

When it comes to our vertical sliders, you have many options at your fingertips:

  • Profile colours (shades include: white and cream)
  • Grained – inside and outside (shades include: white ash, cream, Irish oak and golden oak)
  • Grained – outside and white inside (shades include: cream, green, grey, black, mahogany, Irish oak and golden oak)

In addition to the classic finish for our vertical sliders, we’re able to offer over 40 beautiful colours and woodgrain finishes. We provide standard, dual and bespoke colours:

Wood finishes:

  • Cherry blossom
  • Rustic cherry
  • Rustic oak
  • Bog oak
  • Siena PR
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Dark oak
  • Streaked Douglas
  • Mountain pine
  • Oregon pine
  • Macore
  • Light oak
  • Dark oak
  • Dark oak ST

Plain colours:

  • Achat grey (smooth)
  • Signal grey (smooth)
  • Slate grey (smooth)
  • Anthracite grey (smooth)
  • Achat grey (grained)
  • Grey (grained)
  • Cement grey (grained)
  • Basalt grey (grained)
  • Quarz grey (grained)
  • Brown maroon (grained)
  • Chocolate brown (grained)
  • Moss green (grained)
  • Dark green (grained)
  • Wine red (grained)
  • Dark red (grained)
  • Brilliant blue (grained)
  • Cobalt blue (grained)
  • Steel blue (grained)

Bifold door colours

Our bi-folding doors come in a seemingly endless range of colours. Suiting a number of tastes and preferences, our assortment incorporates:

  • The popular collection (with shades including: hipca white, light silver metallic, dark silver metallic, slate grey, anthracite grey, black grey and jet black)
  • The wood effect collection (with shades including: natural oak, golden oak and mahogany walnut)
  • The beach hut collection (with shades including: beige red, distant blue and rock pool)
  • The gentleman’s club collection (royal blue, blue green and claret violet)
  • The Hamptons collection (mint julep, signal red and citrus)
  • The heritage collection (solid granite, ivory and classic white)
  • The naturalist collection (mill pond, green grey and umbra grey)
  • The pop art collection (traffic yellow, Marilyn’s lipstick and mint green)
  • The retro collection (shamrock, pastel orange and orient red)
  • The Tuscany collection (espresso, red orange and olive grove)
  • The urban chic collection (graphite grey, solid steel and light grey)