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Your Price Windows are Origin Premium Partners. This means that we are best suited to provide tradespeople across Mitcham, Croydon, London and across the Home Counties. We supply Origin’s OS-20, OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77. Keep reading below to learn more about each Origin sliding door model! We have been working with Origin for many years now. You can have peace of mind knowing that we are knowledgeable about their product line. If you choose Your Price Windows as your supplier, we’ll give you a product and service of the highest calibre. Use our online quote generator to get a free quote right now.

OS-20 Origin sliding doors

Proudly manufactured right here in the UK, the OS-20 sliding door is incredibly sleek and minimal in its design. This product is made from elite-grade aluminium, allowing it extremely slim sightlines of just 20mm!
Origin’s sliding doors offer less frame and larger glazing areas, allowing more natural light into your client’s home. The OS-20 is highly thermally efficient, meaning your client can look forward to a warmer home this winter. These sliding doors come as a bonded system. This means that they have enhanced weatherproofing due to the frame and glazing coming as a single unit. As well as being highly weatherproof, these sliding doors are very secure thanks to their minimum of 6 points if locking.

OS-29 Origin sliding doors

The OS-29 offers modern performance from a traditional sliding door. With sightlines of just 29mm, this product can offer your customer’s home beautiful, unobstructed views of the outside world. When you choose Your Price Windows as your supplier, you can look forward to unrivalled lead times.
The OS-29 is available in over 150 RAL colours, meaning that your client is guaranteed to find a sliding door solution they’ll love.
These sliding doors feature semi-dry glazing, meaning that the glass units are bonded to the frame on site. Their advanced glazing offers U-values of up to 1.3W/m2k!

OS-44 Origin sliding doors

Coming with the standard Origin guarantee of up to 20 years, your client will love the OS-44 sliding doors. These sliding doors are manufactured at Origin’s Buckinghamshire facility and can be tailor-made to your job’s exact requirements. Each of your projects is unique, so it is important to have sliding doors that are made bespoke.
These sliding doors come with dry glazing as standard, meaning that glass units are fixed to the door frame using gaskets. This saves you time on site.
The OS-44, like the OS-29 and OS-77, can be installed in apertures up to 11.9m in length in a wide variety of configurations. These sling doors can genuinely transform your client’s home.

OS-77 Origin sliding doors

For your customers who prefer a bolder aesthetic, the OS-77 is the perfect solution. These doors have an interlocker sightline of 77mm. This gives them a more study, secure appearance. Available in heights between 1,940 mm and 2,600mm, these sliding doors are perfect for bigger jobs.
They are also available in widths between 1,463mm and 11,929mm.
Like other Origin offerings, these sliding doors are made from premium-grade aluminium. This means that your client’s home will benefit from high levels of strength and resilience. We can offer tradespeople across London and the Home Counties Origin sliding doors with unrivalled lead times! Keep your clients happy by being the fastest and most reliable installer around.

Origin Sliding Door Prices London, Croydon and Mitcham

When choosing Origin sliding doors, you can be confident you’re getting a high-performing, superior product. You also benefit from decades of experience and collaboration with Origin when you choose Your Price Windows as your supplier. There isn’t a better pairing! Why not call our helpful, knowledgeable team at 0208 640 0380 right away to discuss your upcoming trade project? Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out our online contact form, and we’ll respond right away.

Or perhaps you’ve already made up your mind that Origin sliding doors are just what you and your customers in London and Croydon require. If so, use our free online quoting engine today to receive a customised estimate for your project in a matter of minutes.

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