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The chances are that you’re aware of the current energy crisis. Energy costs are skyrocketing and not looking like they will ever come back down. Whilst consumers aren’t able to control this, we are able to control our energy usage. It’s now more important than ever to be conscious of your energy usage.

We want to help people offset the rising cost of living. What’s the best way to do this? Simply adhering to the 3 following tips will reduce your energy consumption and help you lower your bills. 

1 – Upgrade Your Front Door

Ensuring you have an energy efficient front door installed can save you a small fortune! Doors made from single materials, like wood, transfer heat readily. This means that homeowners have to use their heating for longer to keep their homes comfortable, as heat is escaping through their front door.

Front Doors with single pane glass also lead to frightening heat loss. Single pane glass is far less thermally efficient than double or triple glazed alternatives, meaning it’s easy for heat to transfer through it to the outside world.

While it does require some upfront cost, getting an energy efficient front door installed is likely to prove cost effective in the long term.

2 – Slight Changes to How You Use Your Central Heating

This one we can do with no upfront cost. Studies show that just by lowering your thermostat by 3 or 4 degrees can save you up to between £80 and £100 per month. This could work out to as much as £1,200 a year! 

In addition, why not try and reduce the amount of time your heating is on for? For example, if everyone has left your home by 9, your heating should be off by 8. Just by cutting down on this one hour everyday over a year, you will have seen a noticeable drop in the amount of energy used.

3- Have Thermally Retentive Windows Fitted

Having Thermally retentive windows is the best way to reduce your energy usage. Most likely, you’ll have windows all over your property.

Can you imagine the amount of heat lost through tired, inefficient window profiles? 

When having windows installed with highly insulating frames, you can expect much higher thermal performance from your home. This means that it’ll require less energy to keep your home warm, as less heat can escape your home.